Art Auctions on eBay I've been looking at art auctions on eBay all day today.

I have found some wonderful things. I browsed the Art category and chose the subcategory of self-representing artists. I like what I see for sale. Art auctions on eBay are a great way for an unknown or even a known artist to sell their paintings. I found some nice paintings in the featured section. Since I was looking at art auctions on eBay, I used the option to just view the picture gallery. I'm glad I did that because I really just wanted to see the art, not the title of the auction. What immediately caught my eye was all of the bold colors. On the first page of image results of art auctions on eBay, there was a beautiful painting of a martini. I think that martini images seem very classy to me. I can visualize this painting in the home of someone with a glass coffee table and a leather couch!

The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), virtual foot traffic that art auctions on eBay gets is incredible. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), artist can get so much more exposure to so many more people than hanging their paintings in galleries. It is just such a good way to get discovered. I did think it was a little funny when I saw art auctions on eBay listed for 99 million dollars. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), artist wants to make history by breaking the world record for the most paid for a painting by a living artist. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), record is currently forty million dollars. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds),re was another art auction on eBay that really caught my eye. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), artist was Kelly Shanks and she lives in Boston.

The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), painting that I saw was done in an impressionist style and called Neon Rain. It is part of her New Orleans series. I liked it a lot. I found an art auction on eBay for a painting entitled The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), Egg Eaters. It was really odd and didn't exactly suit me. I tried to imagine where it would end up hanging. I think that fantasy art just can't hang everywhere. I can see this hanging in an upscale gaming store or in a bachelor pad. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), funniest art auction I saw on eBay was for a folk art rendition of a Jack Russell terrier. I can only imagine that a dog lover should own and display this. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), dog looks like he is about to jump up on me!

I found a landscape that I really liked when I was looking through the art auctions on eBay. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), piece was called Red Barn under Praire Clouds. I think that if this was hanging in my bedroom, I might never get out of bed. I love to watch clouds. I guess I just don't understand abstract art. I think if I understood it, I could appreciate it. I found an art auction on eBay for an original painting called Beige Dancelines #2. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), artist says that it is an abstract dancing figure. I just can't see anything but an oversized ear. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds),re were so many photos to look at when I was searching on eBay for art auctions. I think that my tastes really run to realism and landscapes. I especially liked a painting of Alaska by Hunter Jay. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), blues in the picture were really nice; I'll bet that this painting is wonderful in person. My mother-in-law has been decorating her house slowly. I found a really nice art auction on eBay for her that would fit her likes. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), painting depicts a tree at sunset and is just beautiful. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), artist has a lot of auctions and I really hope that she sells a lot. She is very talented.

The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), only other art auction on eBay that I spent a lot of time looking at was a painting of red tulips against a yellow sky. I'm not sure why I was so taken by this painting. Tulips are my favorite flower. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds), tulips in this painting are just suspended in the center. The (Jessica Shere-Coggins Also finds),y just seem to hang there magically. I really liked this depiction of my favorite flower.

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